15 mm Forged in Battle British para 6 pounder gun review

Another of my purchases from this years Salute and I only just got around to assemble it. They come in blisters of 2 guns with crew for £9.75, which is slightly cheaper comparing to Battlefront equivalent. Quality of gun itself and crew is nice, almost no flash and no mould lines to clear, which is always something good in my books. Gun itself is also well cast and compares well size-wise to Battlefront one (6pounder on the grey base is a BF one). Level of detail is satisfying.  It is “deployed” position and there is only one version , with few different crew members. Only minor problem is that it doesn’t fit on Flames of War base that well in that particular position, but this is not really a big deal.  All in all kit looks really nice and I could definitely recommend it as another good product from Forged in Battle that I have seen.

DSCI1119 DSCI1120 DSCI1121



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4 responses to “15 mm Forged in Battle British para 6 pounder gun review

  1. I’ve been curious about the Forged in Battle guns for a while now and have a couple of questions for you. It looks like FiB puts material below the arms (mud, rocks and grass?). How does it look up close? How do you think it would impact basing the model?

    My second question concerns that deployed position. As you say, it is annoying that it doesn’t fit on an FoW base. Does it come cast in one piece? Is there no simple way to modify the model so that it fits?

    Nick blogs at Spotting Round.

    • Hi there. Mud and dirt effect sculpted on a gun won’t really affect basing much in my opinion, as it can be easy part of any type of base you decide to model. As for the deployed position- it wouldn’t be easy , but I had a closer look and it would be possible to adjust that position a little bit by cutting bits from the middle and then bending gun arms towards the middle.

  2. David Hyttenrauch

    I have had quite irritating customer service issues with them. They simply do not respond to emails. I find the quality of the range quite good, but would not recommend based on service.

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