Some new wh40k projects

New edition of Blood Axe fan codex is out (if you are interested check Da Klan Project in The Waaagh forum) and as it is allowed in the local tournament scene, I have been busy converting stuff for the tournament at the end of July. One of the things I have to build is Flakk Battery. Parts with the gretchin rear turret from dakkajet set seem just made for that kind of project, so I turned it into sort of self propelled Flakk cannon thingy.  Other thing I quickly converted was kommando nob with kombat knives. I used chaos marine swords for it, but you have to admin in hands of that big Org guy they look like massive knives 🙂  Now two more flakk gunz to build in order to finish my battery and then some crew for it and then just some painting left to do.

DSCI1166 DSCI1167


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