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15mm Insurgents from Warsaw by just28mm

Recently I have been looking for more armed civilians to add to my Warsaw Uprising army for Flames of War. To my surprise whilst scrolling through Lead Adventure Forum (thoroughly recommended by the way!) I came across just28mm company from Poland that just started selling few of their sculpts. Continue reading


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New Year, new plans

So, it has been pretty quiet here recently. Personal business took a lot of my time and other commitments made it difficult to update my blog, but now seems things return to normal again (hope so!). For a start there is quite a big annoucement! Timmy from Wargame News and Terrain blog ( check it out here  ) send me an offer of co-operation and I gladly accepted, so from now on my reviews will be also appearing there. This is indeed a very good start for Mighty Miniatures. There are a lot of reviews coming your way plus hopefully will start casting my own urban bases for Flames of War soon. See you soon guys!

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