Ramblings of a wargaming general: First 40k tournament in new edition!

Played few games of new , 7th edition and I have to say that they finally managed to get my interest in the game back (that is if you ignore obvious money grabbing scheme such as “unbound” armies). Decided to take part in upcoming tournament and test my skills again. Haven’t played in 40k tournament for ages, so I am quite excited.

Decided to go with demons- first of all Ork codex had been released not long ago and I still didn’t have time to figure out good builds and what i would like to do with it. Second of all- I got all my demons painted. So without further do, this is my final list for the tournament (1500 points) :


Demon prince of Nurgle
wings, 2x greater gifts, 3rd level psyker

(gonna be rocking Biomancy for this guy- still good all around and hopefully I can get Endurance to cast on my flesh hound unit to make it double hard in combat. Also nice AP2 shooting attack available that always helps against tougher targets. Two greater gifts- one for some sort of bonus such as extra wound or Feel No Pain on 4+, other one on Balesword which is awesome. He can use his wings as a jump pack and with Mark of Nurgle he can jink for 2+ cover save. I have high hopes for him 🙂 )


(makes flesh hound unit much better, gives them scout, which can be crucial for covering the distance to my opponent or allowing it to outflank in case of going vs more static, shooty armies.. plus him helping cause perils of warp for psykers is useful as well. Just need to remember to keep my prince more than 12 inches away 🙂

herald of khorne

with lesser gift and on juggernaut (lesser gift of course auto swapping for etherblade- much needed AP2 in unit of fleshhounds and another unit for grabbing objectives at the end of the game)

11 horrors
11 horrors   (not much to say- here for summoning and occasional shooting and adding 4 warpcharges)

7x screamers  (this unit is fast, gives me much needed anti tank in case of going against high armour targets, can zip over some cheap troops to whittle them down, great objective grabber. Lots of potential here, hope i will manage to use them properly )

16 flesh hounds

(these guys can be a killer unit and definitely will be a big concern for anybody going against me. Only problem is lack of AP in their attacks, but herald of khorne should help!)

plague hulk

(great, very Nurgly model from Forgeworld. Wanted to go with two soulgrinders, but simply didn’t have enough points. hulk is 30 points cheaper and with its flamethrower thingy can be great vs marines. Rot cannon, whilst not as strong as S8 phlegm on soulgrinder, can still cause good level of damage. It’s also rending, which always helps. )

soulgrinder with mark of nurgle and phlegm

  (good cover save in any ruins or terrain, good in close combat, excellent firepower vs marines and other armies and harvester cannon can be used as an anti-aircraft fire as well, although with BS3 it’s not great).

all in all I do have a good close combat army with decent amount of shooting (although I would prefer some more, but at 1500 points I simply struggle to fit in anything that could help.), some psychic powers and fair amount of warp charges and with a possibility of summoning more stuff!

What do you think guys?


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