My adventures with Kings of War

Some time ago I started playing Kings of War. As usual i tried different armies, on the beginning having lots of fun with Abyssals, but then discovering old “imperial” looking dwarfs and as a result I ended up with a dwarf army (pictures to follow). I took part in a local tournament (2k) and took a following list:

Fast element/Hammer:
Berserker Brock Riders regiment (with pathfinder item)
Berserker Brock riders regiment (blade of slashing)

Berserker lord mounted

Horde of ironclad with phalanx item (I imagine them being quite able to hold the line, especially supported by two flamebelchers that can also cover their flanks)
Greater earth elemental (can be also used for holding parts of the board as it is not particularly fast)
king on the beast

5 brock riders
sharpshooter troop (oil)

shorter range shooting and other tasks
rangers regiment
rangers regiment
ranger captain

I played 3 battles:

invade vs Salamanders (he won slightly, but he played really slow turn and as a result we only got to turn 5… turn 6 could have tunred things both ways)
dominate vs kingdoms of men (ened up winning properly after a hard battle)
loot vs undead (I won at the end smashing his army completely)

As usual due to night shift work I only slept 2.5 hours, but it oalways seems to help me concentrate during tournaments… (and then I have to recover later ha ha)

So, my analysis unit by unit:

ironclad horde- they were reliable, they only died once. Need to play more games with them to see whether item giving them phalanx was worth it or could I perhpa use points better somewhere else.

rangers- those guys were great, very useful both for shooting and for close combat if it came to it. Their crushing strenghth really helped to make a difference couple of times.

ranger captain- definitely great addition, helped keep rangers in place and 3 added attacks were very useful as well

sharpshooters- I loved them. They didn’t do anything amazing, but definitely showed me they can do enough. Still need to have more experience about placing them properly but they were a threat my opponents couldn’t quite ignore and their range meant they were shooting targets from the start (mainly concentrating on cavalry and monsters).

Brock riders- in most games I deployed them together with 2 brock regiments and a berserker lord and they did weel as a speed bump, extra threat that opponent can’t ignore and an aggressive unit on its own. Regiments were amazing. They might not be hardest hitters, but their amount of attacks was something each opponent had to consider and their lack of waver really saved me couple of times. Those guys are definitely staying

flamebelchers- performed great, although it is important to keep in mind that they are very fragile and once charged they die instantly due to being warmachines and against high defence targets they didn’t do as many wounds as you would theoretically expect looking at amount of attacks. Still, they fit my army well.

greater earth elemental was performing really well and doing exactly what i needed him to be doing- soaking up the damage and reliably putting few wounds on anything he attacked due to CS 3. Slow but he is there to hold the centre usually and another element that will definitely stay

King on beast- taken him mainly as an excuse to field ana amazing bear model from Scibor and he did well. Defence 6 helped a lot of times and his 7 attacks whilst not amazing, with CS2 and Thunderouns charge made enough impression most of the times

Berserker lord- source of inspire for my many brock riders but him being an individual helped as well. Very fragile though and it has to be kept in mind at all times.

I am going to experiment with what i can do without that phalanx item.
all in all i am happy with that list so far and it performed well.


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