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Kings of War Historical- a review

Couple of days ago I finally received my preordered Kings of War Historical wargaming rules. They had been released by Mantic Games and present their foray into historical wargaming. I do have to say it was a good move on their part. Continue reading

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15mm Cossack Rabble by Wargamer

Some time ago I bought models for By Fire and Sword cossack army made by Wargamer company from Poland. It took me some time to start assembling them, but it finally happened and some time later I finally got around to write this review. Continue reading

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15mm Insurgents from Warsaw by just28mm

Recently I have been looking for more armed civilians to add to my Warsaw Uprising army for Flames of War. To my surprise whilst scrolling through Lead Adventure Forum (thoroughly recommended by the way!) I came across just28mm company from Poland that just started selling few of their sculpts. Continue reading

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Army Sprays by Plastic Soldier Company

A lot of us really liked army sprays produced for Battlefront. They were good, easy to use and helped a lot with painting your armies quick. For some unknown reason (there are lots of rumours, but I will not be going into them right now) BF stopped their productions and soon it was just next to impossible to get them anywhere. It was only matter of time before somebody would step in to fill that gap in the market and it was Will from the Plastic Soldier Company. Some time later new sprays, produced in co-operation with guys responsible for Army Painter hit the market. I managed to get couple of cans courtesy of Luke from Onslaught Games (apparently somebody gave them to him after being really disappointed) so decided to check for myself.

I got two colours- British  and British Khaki. Sprays are divided into armour and infantry one, “British” being one for vehicles and second one is for Brit uniforms. They look very nice with big picture of either tank or a soldier on them, so nobody will make any mistakes 🙂

British spray for armour was all good. Sprayed in equal layers, bit thin but covered surface of the model really well and had no “powdery” feel so common with Army Painter sprays. It is not as thick as for example Games Workshop primers or now out of production Battlefront ones, but still does the job.

British Khaki was the same, bit thin but again final effect was satisfactory. Only problem with this one was that it leaked quite bad so I had to spray it whilst holding a tissue on cap, otherwise everything ended up covered in spots of paint. I am not sure if this is just a faulty copy or is this a problem with a whole range.

All in all it is a very welcome addition for any of us that don’t like to spend too much time painting and at £ 8.50 a can it is a good investment.

DSCI1181 DSCI1133 DSCI1180

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Goblin Knight model review

Some time ago Juan from Spain, same guy that sculpted Growler Creatures (that I reviewed earlier and use as my mangler squigs for Warhammer Fantasy) put pictures of his new goblin models on Da Warpath forum. Now I always had a weak spot for goblins and fancied another cave squig boss in my army, so looking at pictures of a Goblin Knight I decided I need to have that model. Since I have far too many goblin characters on foot already, I didn’t get ones that Juan sculpted, but they definitely look nice as well.

I paid 20 euro for the knight posted to UK by a signed for letter, so quite comparable to 15 quid you would have to pay for GW boss on cave squig made in Failcast (for 10 euro more however you get all 4 heroes). Package arrived swift and this time packed really well 🙂

Model itself is made in resin. It assembles really well, there is almost no mold lines and no flash to clear off. As for the model itself I simply love it. It looks much better than it did on pictures posted on the forum. I definitely like the armour. There are few alternative heads in the pack cast in metal, so you can use them later to personalise your other goblin models and there is a choice of two weapons for your knight- either cavalry lance or a sword.  All parts are cast really well, detail was crisp and there were no air bubbles, so all good here as well. Assembly was easy, everything fits well, although little bit of green stuff might be needed to smooth over small gaps, but this is quite often the case with all multi-part models on the market.

All in all it was definitely money well spent and Goblin Knight will be appearing in my green army sooner or later !

If you want to order that model, write to : juan.abella(at)

Looking forward to seeing more goblin madness from that man 🙂

DSCI1135 DSCI1136 DSCI1137 DSCI1139

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15 mm Forged in Battle British para 6 pounder gun review

Another of my purchases from this years Salute and I only just got around to assemble it. They come in blisters of 2 guns with crew for £9.75, which is slightly cheaper comparing to Battlefront equivalent. Quality of gun itself and crew is nice, almost no flash and no mould lines to clear, which is always something good in my books. Gun itself is also well cast and compares well size-wise to Battlefront one (6pounder on the grey base is a BF one). Level of detail is satisfying.  It is “deployed” position and there is only one version , with few different crew members. Only minor problem is that it doesn’t fit on Flames of War base that well in that particular position, but this is not really a big deal.  All in all kit looks really nice and I could definitely recommend it as another good product from Forged in Battle that I have seen.

DSCI1119 DSCI1120 DSCI1121


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Flashpoint Miniatures 15mm Vietnam range review

Recently I started collecting PAVN force for Flames of War/ Tour of Duty. After getting a mix of Peter Pig and Battlefront stuff I also spotted Flashpoint miniatures during my internet searching. Soon after I received couple of blisters courtesy of my brother as a present. Thanks bro! 🙂

Blisters I received were PAVN HQ and also Sappers blister. Personally I didn’t have to pay for mine, but for us in Europe they work out quite pricey as Flashpoint Miniatures is a company operating from Australia, being 22 AUD for HQ and 24 AUD for Sappers (roughly 14 and over 15 quid) and that is not including costs of postage.

Models came in nice blister packs. Sapper one had 28 miniatures  and HQ 25 miniatures. Worth mentioning is plethora of poses you get- 15 unique models in for sappers and 19 for HQ. That is quite a lot and only few minis repeat themselves in blisters packs- definitely a big plus in my books!  As you can see on pictures poses are dynamic and looking good. Sappers are armed with explosives on sticks, flamethrowers, ladders and nice mixture of weapon such as AK 47s, PPSh submachineguns and so on. HQ pack has also nice models in it, including spotters, command figures standard bearers and even a bugler!

Models scale very well with Battlefront ones as you can see on the comparison picture (BF models are based ones).

My only problem with those minis was that some of them have fairly big amount of flash to get rid of, which in 15mm scale can be bit of a pain. I am not sure if this is a case with this particular batch or all across the range. Also few of the weapons seems to be sculpted pretty badly (some AK 47s simply lacking barrels etc.) but all in all i am very happy with those models.

If you are based in Europe price makes it very expensive to make all force out of them, but if you look to add more variety and character to your troops, then I would definitely recommend spending bit more money and getting some blisters from Flashpoint Miniatures!


DSCI1067 DSCI1072 DSCI1070DSCI1073

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