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15mm Cossack Rabble by Wargamer

Some time ago I bought models for By Fire and Sword cossack army made by Wargamer company from Poland. It took me some time to start assembling them, but it finally happened and some time later I finally got around to write this review. Continue reading


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15mm Insurgents from Warsaw by just28mm

Recently I have been looking for more armed civilians to add to my Warsaw Uprising army for Flames of War. To my surprise whilst scrolling through Lead Adventure Forum (thoroughly recommended by the way!) I came across just28mm company from Poland that just started selling few of their sculpts. Continue reading

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15 mm Forged in Battle British para 6 pounder gun review

Another of my purchases from this years Salute and I only just got around to assemble it. They come in blisters of 2 guns with crew for £9.75, which is slightly cheaper comparing to Battlefront equivalent. Quality of gun itself and crew is nice, almost no flash and no mould lines to clear, which is always something good in my books. Gun itself is also well cast and compares well size-wise to Battlefront one (6pounder on the grey base is a BF one). Level of detail is satisfying.  It is “deployed” position and there is only one version , with few different crew members. Only minor problem is that it doesn’t fit on Flames of War base that well in that particular position, but this is not really a big deal.  All in all kit looks really nice and I could definitely recommend it as another good product from Forged in Battle that I have seen.

DSCI1119 DSCI1120 DSCI1121


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Flashpoint Miniatures 15mm Vietnam range review

Recently I started collecting PAVN force for Flames of War/ Tour of Duty. After getting a mix of Peter Pig and Battlefront stuff I also spotted Flashpoint miniatures during my internet searching. Soon after I received couple of blisters courtesy of my brother as a present. Thanks bro! 🙂

Blisters I received were PAVN HQ and also Sappers blister. Personally I didn’t have to pay for mine, but for us in Europe they work out quite pricey as Flashpoint Miniatures is a company operating from Australia, being 22 AUD for HQ and 24 AUD for Sappers (roughly 14 and over 15 quid) and that is not including costs of postage.

Models came in nice blister packs. Sapper one had 28 miniatures  and HQ 25 miniatures. Worth mentioning is plethora of poses you get- 15 unique models in for sappers and 19 for HQ. That is quite a lot and only few minis repeat themselves in blisters packs- definitely a big plus in my books!  As you can see on pictures poses are dynamic and looking good. Sappers are armed with explosives on sticks, flamethrowers, ladders and nice mixture of weapon such as AK 47s, PPSh submachineguns and so on. HQ pack has also nice models in it, including spotters, command figures standard bearers and even a bugler!

Models scale very well with Battlefront ones as you can see on the comparison picture (BF models are based ones).

My only problem with those minis was that some of them have fairly big amount of flash to get rid of, which in 15mm scale can be bit of a pain. I am not sure if this is a case with this particular batch or all across the range. Also few of the weapons seems to be sculpted pretty badly (some AK 47s simply lacking barrels etc.) but all in all i am very happy with those models.

If you are based in Europe price makes it very expensive to make all force out of them, but if you look to add more variety and character to your troops, then I would definitely recommend spending bit more money and getting some blisters from Flashpoint Miniatures!


DSCI1067 DSCI1072 DSCI1070DSCI1073

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Plastic Soldier Company 45mm anti-tank gun set

Finally PSC released some artillery in 15mm. A lot of us had been waiting for that moment for a long time, as Battlefront guns are pretty expensive, especially if you play Russians and you might need a lot of them 🙂

First set is famous Russian 45mm anti tank gun, with an option to make 1942 type, 1937 type and also 76mm field gun as well. What is not to like?

As usual with PSC price of the box is very affordable. For 16.50 pounds we are getting 4 guns, which is frankly a bargain in my opinion. As usual no disappointments on that front.

So what do we get in the box? Each sprue has 5 models of crew (so if you are using them for FOW, you will have 4 guys spare from the box, always useful), 3 different barrels to give you an option of doing one of three mentioned guns plus couple of ammo crates, which are a very nice little extra.

Quality of sculpts is very good. No flash, I didn’t even spot any mold marks You do have to be however careful when removing certain elements of the gun from the sprue as they are bit fickle and can break. Barrel of 76mm gun doesn’t fit well into a gun shield, so you will have to work with a file a little bit to get it in. Nothing major though.

In general another very good set from PSC and i personally hope we will see more affordable artillery from that company. There is set of ZIS 2 and 3 anti tank guns available as well which I will be getting soon. In the meantime have a look at those pictures:


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Review- Zvezda Sdkfz 222 2cm Armoured Car by Lee Parnel

Another review by our esteemed occasional contributor Lee Parnell from Safety Markings blog.
user posted image
The fully assembled model

One of the things on my ,ever expanding, to do list is to add a second patrol of SdKfz 222 Armoured Cars to my DAK force. Right now I can do a bare bones PanzerSpah force but it’d be nice to have two full strength Patrols to counter Gav’s Daimlers.
The thing that is stopping this is the cost of the Battlefront SdKfz 222. At £7.50 a car it never quite gets high enough up the list. After all, £7.50 will buy me a whole Sherman V which seems like a much better deal when it comes to the literal “bang for the buck!”
However, Zvesda have been putting out an ever growing range of plastics and one of the most recent additions is the SdKfz 222.
So, is it cheap and cheerful? Or just cheap? Let’s find out.

The price is the main attraction with Zvesda. At £3 a pop for a single car before Onslaught Games discount, the Zvesda kit instantly grabs one’s attention.
By comparison. BattleFront charge £7.50 a car, Forged in Battle come in at £5 a car (three for £15), Sktrex charge £6 each and neither Peter Pig or Plastic Soldier Company have the model in their range.
A clear win for Zvesda on this front then!

I sat the assembled model next to one each of the BattleFront SdKfz 222 and 223 armoured cars.
user posted image
From the front all three models look very similar. The headlights of the Zvesda are smaller and the turret shorter, but both features are probably truer to how it should look

user posted image
The Zvesda hull is noticeably shorter and truer to the real life 222 IMHO. Other than that, the wheel base and general position relative to the wheels is similar between brands.

user posted image
Again, length is a noticeable difference

The model compares well in hull height, width, general position of features. The turret was noticeably shorter than the BF one but, comparing to period photos, I’d probably lean to Zvesda being in the right on this one. The Zvesda kit was very similar in wheel base but shorter overall, the discrepancy occurring in the hull length aft of the rear wheel. Again, I’d go with the Zvesda model being more correct as I have always felt the BF one is overly long.
I’d say that the Zvesda 222 could sit alongside the 223 in the same platoon without too much trouble (a necessity as I will discuss later). However, I’d probably steer clear of mixing the 222 from the two manufactures in the same platoon.

Form and Detail
On the face of it, the Zvesda kit looks the part as a 15mm model of a SdKfz 222. All the bumps and lumps are in the right place and look correctly proportioned. The spare wheel and door mounted stowage bins are present, as are minor features like the hull mounted shovel. In general, the detail is crisp with good relief of the mesh wire turret and hull tops, hatches and vision slits. It also continues the somewhat bizarre, but not entirely unwelcome, Zvesda trait of having very intricate chassis detail!
One of my complaints of the early Zvesda kits was that such detail was either not present or very soft. They also tended to be very eccentric in where the detail appeared (Pz I with lavish engine deck detail but poor detail on vision slits. Opel Blitz with great chassis but no panel detail!). The 222 is a massive improvement and one that I feel should be acknowledged as a step in the right direction.
user posted image
Chassis detail is very good, a Zvesda hallmark. On a recce vehicle this is likely to be seen often!

There are some bugbears. Firstly, the spare wheel lacks any kind of canvas folds or lines. It’s far too smooth and reminds me of my main issue with the trucks (also lacked any detail on the canvas parts). I imagine that, like the trucks, I’ll end in painting in the detail. Thankfully it’s the only part of the kit where this concern can be applied!
The second issue is on the turret. What I can only assume is the pivot point of the main gun is far too far back in the turret. The space behind the wire screen should be empty, as can be seen on this model.
The MG is also a little too thin and worries me that it will break with regular wargame use. I think bulking barrels up is an acceptable deviation from history for wargames purposes!
user posted image
The mount for the 2cm AA gun sits far too back in the turret

The final issue is with the general construction. The kit is “push-fit” but I feel that far too much emphasis has been placed on this to the detriment of the rest of the model. The way it has been applied to the upper hull makes for a very frustrating construction (I swear one three bits are all contesting the same space at one point!) and can leave unsightly gaps in the model where the three parts of the upper hull meet and where they in turn met with the base plate. On future models I may remove the pegs and just glue the model together rather than using the pegs with glue.
user posted image
Mind the gap!

Overall, this is an excellent little model and a great step forward for Zvesda. Previous kits had me thinking that the manufacturer were only good for Trucks and other filler units. This kit now has me thinking that future Zvesda kits may be worth looking at (the new Matilda is going to be the next purchase).
I would like to see future kits sacrifice the final look less for the sake of push fit. I would also like to see future kits have more options in them. In Flames of War the 222 rarely takes to the battlefield on its own and will usually have a 221 or 223 as the platoon command vehicle. I see no reason why Zvesda couldn’t have taken a leaf from Plastic Soldier Company’s book and put in the smaller MG turret and bedstead antenna for the 221/223. It would be well worth an extra quid on the box price! Some stowage options wouldn’t have gone amiss either! Thankfully the Zvesda 222 just about works alongside the Battlefront 223 so a composite platoon is doable.
That aside, this is the best 222 kit your going to get for your money and that alone probably makes up for the extra effort its assembly requires.

Onslaught games, over near Hove Station, carry Zvesda models, along with Battle Front and Plastic Soldier Company too. Cheers to Luke for getting this in for me!


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more Warsaw Uprising stuff

ok, finally another update. I had been busy with RealLifeTM and other gaming projects, but finished painting my first sniper team and started on captured Panzer IV (which is still WIP- I will be adding things to it 🙂 I am aware I am not a great painter, but I hope models are passable 🙂


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