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Goblin Knight model review

Some time ago Juan from Spain, same guy that sculpted Growler Creatures (that I reviewed earlier and use as my mangler squigs for Warhammer Fantasy) put pictures of his new goblin models on Da Warpath forum. Now I always had a weak spot for goblins and fancied another cave squig boss in my army, so looking at pictures of a Goblin Knight I decided I need to have that model. Since I have far too many goblin characters on foot already, I didn’t get ones that Juan sculpted, but they definitely look nice as well.

I paid 20 euro for the knight posted to UK by a signed for letter, so quite comparable to 15 quid you would have to pay for GW boss on cave squig made in Failcast (for 10 euro more however you get all 4 heroes). Package arrived swift and this time packed really well 🙂

Model itself is made in resin. It assembles really well, there is almost no mold lines and no flash to clear off. As for the model itself I simply love it. It looks much better than it did on pictures posted on the forum. I definitely like the armour. There are few alternative heads in the pack cast in metal, so you can use them later to personalise your other goblin models and there is a choice of two weapons for your knight- either cavalry lance or a sword.  All parts are cast really well, detail was crisp and there were no air bubbles, so all good here as well. Assembly was easy, everything fits well, although little bit of green stuff might be needed to smooth over small gaps, but this is quite often the case with all multi-part models on the market.

All in all it was definitely money well spent and Goblin Knight will be appearing in my green army sooner or later !

If you want to order that model, write to : juan.abella(at)

Looking forward to seeing more goblin madness from that man 🙂

DSCI1135 DSCI1136 DSCI1137 DSCI1139


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28mm Scheltrum miniatures Polish POW militia review

Amongst many miniatures I brought home from last Salute show was latest release from Scheltrum miniatures.  It’s always good to see  stuff released for more niche ranges. We got three sets of Polish POW militia ( POW stands for Polska Organizacja Wojskowa or Polish Military Organisation) for inter war period. This figures are suitable for Polish-Bolshevik War, but also with small adjustments (removing eagle symbols from hats) can be easily used for Baltic States militia units and of course for Very British Civil War, where they can work as militia troops of all sorts.

First thing is the price. At 5.50 pounds per 4 models they are priced very decently, nothing to complain about here 🙂

There are 2 sets of riflemen plus one command set including standard bearer and LMG gunner with Lewis.

Some flash on miniatures to get rid of (as seen on picture) but nothing major. Same goes for mould lines- there are some, but nothing major and quick work with a file sorts it out.

I have to say I like most of those models- they have enough character (due with a hand axe looks bad ass!), although some more poses would be handy (maybe couple of miniatures laying on the ground or kneeling?). Detail on them is quite good as well and in packs I received there were no miscasts.

There is however room for improvement here. There are couple of problems with some of the miniatures. Main issue for me is that some of the riflemen holding rifles by the butts do it in completely unrealistic way. They are holding them in a wrong spots and in a manner that would make it very difficult to do in in reality. Other issue, one that a lot of previous Scheltrum miniatures suffered from and one that luckily seems to be affecting them less and less is that heads on couple of models (especially LMG gunner) just seem to be at very weird angle and LMG gunner looks like he doesn’t have much neck. Also his hat seems to be too big comparing to the other models. Despite some imperfections and problems Scheltrum Miniatures continues to offer good value for your money  and needs to be applauded for releasing more and more stuff for interwar range that nobody was doing before. As I mentioned already this stuff is also absolutely perfect for use with Very British Civil War forces, whether is more organised looking militia force or perhaps BUF.

Check their website at for more releases (Cossack cavalry anyone?).


DSCI1058 DSCI1057 DSCI1054

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Reiver Castings civilian artillery crew

Yet another of my purchase s from the Salute 2012. My VBCW army was definitely suffering from lack of civilian crews for my artillery.I had to convert miniatures, swapping heads etc. Now Reiver Castings came to help people like me who field irregular forces in VBCW and released set of civilian crew. Just what I needed!
For 11 pounds we are getting 10 figures, so it is a very decent price indeed.
There are 3 poses but with different heads so no figure is really the same. Scale is bit on a small side, more 25mm, but as not everybody is the same size in real life they will look really good mixed in with models from other manufacturers, or alternatively you can go for whole crew from the Reiver.
Quality of cast is good, miniatures are nice although they do have fair bit amount of flash to get rid off and some minor mold lines as well, but nothing major that would be a problem. Only thing I don’t like is standing guys with flatcaps and hats that seems to be lacking neck, as a result looking bit weird. All in all however this is very welcome addition to Reiver Castings growing VBCW range and I certainly hope to see more civilian stuff there!

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1/56 POWSTANIEC armoured truck by Scheltrum Miniatures

One of the things I was on the lookout for at Salute was some sort of addition to my Very British Civil War force. I managed to pick up lovely armored truck from Scheltrum miniatures that will fit in just fine.
Powstaniec (or “Insurgent” in English) was an improvised armored truck used by Poles during Silesia Uprisings in 1919, when newly reborn Polish state was fighting with weakened Germany over control of disputed Upper Silesia region. I am not planning on playing any games involving that particular period, however as with all other improvised armored cars and trucks they are usually perfect for use in VBCW for any force really. Powstaniec is not different in that respect.

For 20 quid we are getting big block or resin and separately 5 machine guns and set of 4 wheels. Obviously assembly is really simple as you basically only need to stick few metal elements on a resin main body.
Cast itself is rather good- on a main body there is no mold lines to get rid of and only tiniest amount of flash, which is always good sign. Machine guns require a little bit of work with cleaning flash and mold lines, but since its only few small elements, work takes hardly any time at all.

As far as the model itself goes, it is pretty accurate. There is a bit of a difference from the original truck though, as the model has differently shaped turret that original Powstaniec (you can see on historical pictures that turret was round shape, not box type that Scheltrum did). As however most of people are going to be using it for VBCW, this is not a problem at all and ever for a historical game in that period this is a very minor issue as well.
All other detail is pretty crisp and accurate and at 20 pounds I find Powstaniec truck a good purchase and can thoroughly recommend it to both modeller and anybody playing VBCW (or Silesian Uprisings).

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Renedra 28mm scenery review

Recently I acquired some Renedra scenery that caught my eye at Salute 2011.

I only didn’t buy it right there because I run out of money. Eventually few weeks later I got my hands on it 🙂

First pack I got is a set of gravestones. It costs 8 pounds and you get 44 gravestones and two ravens in it. There are 22 different gravestones in it, both ones looking old and broken as well as new ones. I am actually amazed at the amazing detail of those- you can even see things such as plants growing on the slates or writing on them! Very impressive and for that amount of money it is an ideal choice for people wanting to build some quality scenery for their games or for somebody interested in adding some suitable bits to their undead bases for example.

Another set I acquired is mixed tents. They cost 7 pounds and you get 6 different tents plus campfire and two bits of camp furniture. There are three different types of tents and each type also comes with flap open and flap closed variety. again quality is amazing and price is very good as well.

Last set I got was barrels- 3 pounds for 10 barrels (5 small ones and 5 bigger ones). Again, great detail and quality and same goes for price.

They have more scenery on their website (quite tempted with their North American Farmhouse for upcoming Malifaux campaign in our club which judging by the quality of stuff I got will be great as well!). It is not often that you get such a good quality and detail for such a reasonable price so I can honestly totally recommend their products. Hope there will be more in future as well!


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Scheltrum Miniatures Volksmarine range

Yes, another of my Salute purchases 🙂 Being Very British Civil War fan I couldn’t miss an opportunity to add more troops to my ever-growing Anarchist and other left-wing militias. With pre-Salute rumours about Scheltrum releasing range of interwar German Revolution models I thought I will find something for myself. I definitely wasn’t dissapointed!

I got one set of armed workers (which took part in Battle for Shoreham today) and two sets of Volksmarine (People’s Navy). For 5.5 pounds we get 4 miniatures in the set so the price is definitely good.  I really couldn’t resist as I always wanted to add some sailors to my anti-government force 🙂

I got SEM10 and SEM11 sets, one of them being sort of command squad with and officer and a standard bearer.

Quality of the cast is not amazing, but still decent enough for me to like the miniatures. There is definitely room for improvement. There was quite a lot of flash but mould lines were easy to remove.

Sculpts themselves are really nice and miniatures have interesting poses. One thing that bothers me a bit is that a sculptor seemed to have some problem with pistols and revolvers. Some of them are really out of proportion. Couple of models have their heads set too deep as well so they look like their missing big part of their neck. Apart from that though I really like that range and I definitely wasn’t dissapointed and probably will get some more in the near future.With some improvement Scheltrum has a chance of being very important company for all of us playing VBCW, not mentioning people actually wanting to play German Revolution games as well.


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