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Goblin Knight model review

Some time ago Juan from Spain, same guy that sculpted Growler Creatures (that I reviewed earlier and use as my mangler squigs for Warhammer Fantasy) put pictures of his new goblin models on Da Warpath forum. Now I always had a weak spot for goblins and fancied another cave squig boss in my army, so looking at pictures of a Goblin Knight I decided I need to have that model. Since I have far too many goblin characters on foot already, I didn’t get ones that Juan sculpted, but they definitely look nice as well.

I paid 20 euro for the knight posted to UK by a signed for letter, so quite comparable to 15 quid you would have to pay for GW boss on cave squig made in Failcast (for 10 euro more however you get all 4 heroes). Package arrived swift and this time packed really well 🙂

Model itself is made in resin. It assembles really well, there is almost no mold lines and no flash to clear off. As for the model itself I simply love it. It looks much better than it did on pictures posted on the forum. I definitely like the armour. There are few alternative heads in the pack cast in metal, so you can use them later to personalise your other goblin models and there is a choice of two weapons for your knight- either cavalry lance or a sword.  All parts are cast really well, detail was crisp and there were no air bubbles, so all good here as well. Assembly was easy, everything fits well, although little bit of green stuff might be needed to smooth over small gaps, but this is quite often the case with all multi-part models on the market.

All in all it was definitely money well spent and Goblin Knight will be appearing in my green army sooner or later !

If you want to order that model, write to : juan.abella(at)

Looking forward to seeing more goblin madness from that man 🙂

DSCI1135 DSCI1136 DSCI1137 DSCI1139


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Growler creature review


Every orc&goblin player (well, or at least big majority of them) love their Mangler Squigs. At the same time most of us cringe at the though of spending 36 pounds for a model that most of the time dies very quickly and on top of that is made from Failcast ( which for me personally is a big no), so search for alternative models started pretty quickly.   Some time ago I spotted on Da Warpath forum pictures of a “Growler” creature sculpted by Juan from Spain. I really liked them and not long after that they became available to buy!

I ordered myself a couple from the few options available and they arrived very quickly. They were not packed that great, but this is a very solid resin, not some brittle excuse for it, so the bubble wrap was enough 🙂

First of all- practically no flash. Very clean, nice casts, lots of detail, no bubbles- top job in my opinion! Assembly was easy and after some greenstuffing (not a lot, just some gaps near jaw) they are ready to be primed and painted.

There are more options for the creatures, I only got two of them (I liked the armoured look).

If you want to get them, those are the details and prices:

contact email: 

15€ Each.
With the possibility of choosing among all parts.
You get 1 body, 1 mandible, 1 left leg and one right leg.
Plus 1×60 mm round base.

Full pack 51€.
You get the 4 models (All parts are different).
4 bodies, 4 mandibles, 4 left legs and 4 right legs.
Plus 2×60 mm round bases.

For 4€ more you get enough metallic chains to mangle them or 2x extra 60mm round bases.

Postage 5€ for Spain, 10€ for Europe, 15€ worldwide.
Comes with tracking code to check your parcel

All in all it was a great buy and thoroughly recommended!


DSCI0983 DSCI0982 DSCI0981




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Blood in the Badlands campaign book review

GW just released their latest supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battle and our club decided to purchase a copy. As usual I used it as an opportunity to write a review, so here we go.

First of all- price. Book costs 20 pounds and we get 96 pages, full colour book with hardback cover. Not bad I have to say.

Now about the book itself. Essentially this is a supplement presenting you with an option of playing ongoing campaign between few players for control of Badlands. It is suggested to use Mighty Empires for this but of course if you don’t have a copy it will be easy enough to make your own campaign board. Book starts with presenting  armies of people from GW that took part in the campaign and each player has a page devoted to his army. There are quite few special rules (for example certain teritories give you certain bonuses etc.) and advancement options for units and your heroes. After each game you roll for Spoils of War, injured characters roll on the special table to see what happens to the, units get veteran skills and so on. Very nice!

Campaign is divided in 4 seasons (starting with spring) each with its own scenarios that you can play alongside ones from the rulebook and there are also some season-specific rules. Each season also has descriptions of what was happening in campaign run by GW guys and makes for an interesting read. Gaes get more interesting as there is possibility of forming alliances and having multi-player games as well.  It took me back to times when White Dwarf was worth reading and wasn’t just a glorified catalogue and it was definitely a nice feeling. .

There are a lot of things that you can use for your non-campaign games as well, such as rules for fighting in underground caverns that can spice up for battles a bit (falling stalactites are really good idea that add bit of randomness). At the end of the book there is 8 pages of rules for sieges by Jervis Johnson . Simple yet quite well written. Essentially each army, both defending and attacking gets extra point allowance to buy siege equipment, special ammunition, defence upgrades and so on. Upgrades are really expensive point wise though, so don’t expect to have too many of them in use at the same time.

In general this is pretty nice and interesting book and definitely something different as well. If you like idea of running campaigns with your mates and have enough time to do it, then this supplement can definitely offer you a lot and also serve as a source of inspiration for designing your own campaigns.


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Storm of Magic

New supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Battle is out and after talking to Peter we decided that Brighton Warlord will purchase a copy. I already managed to read it nearly completely (yes, I am a very fast reader 😉  )


Is 30 quid too much for 152 page hardback book in full colour? In my opinion definitely yes but then again, it is Games Workshop we are talking about so no surprise here. If I would be want to buy this book for myself personally, that price would put me off for sure.


I was quite concerned about the content of the book when I have seen that one of the authors is Matt Ward. Lets just say that I don’t hold writing skills of that gentleman in high esteem (especially after latest fail that Grey Knights codex was), both ruleswise and fluffwise. Other author of the book is Jeremy Vetock though so I thought that there is some hope 😉

Ok, so what do we get in the book? Basically it is a set of alternative rules for WHB, with use of powerful magic and monsters and game itself heavily concentrated on magical structures called fulcrums. You still use normal army building rules for Storm of Magic games, but add 25% for summoned monsters, pacts and potent magical items.

As the title of the supplement suggests, magic plays a massive role in the game here. For a start we roll 4D6 for each magic phase and there can be up to 24 dice used every turn!  Also evey turn you swing an arrow on special table included in the book to see which colour of magic is ascendant, which in turn affects how easy you can cast spells etc. Quite interesting idea.

All wizards apart from their chose spells also know so called Cantrips (few very simple spells that are quite easy to cast such as Magic Duel or Unbind Monster).  There are also Cataclysmic Spells for each of the magic lores that each wizard knows automatically. They are divided into three types (Presence, Equilibrum and Dominance) and you can cast them depending on how many magical Fulcrums you and your opponent control as each type has certain conditions attached to it. Spells are quite interesting and of course quite devastating as well (or being very potent help for your troops in case of augment spells). There is no irresistible force for Cataclysmic spells, however double 6 still means miscast so they will be harder to cast. There is one spell known to all wizards, called “Seven Secret Sigils of Summoning” that is just absolutely ridiculous- it basically allows you to summon between 150 and 300 points of troops from ANY army book and have them under your control. I do feel Matt Wards hand here 😉 Now I do understand that GW is about making money, but this is really, really stupid idea and the “fluff” explanation about wizards creating portals and sucking in armies to serve them is frankly completely retarded.I don’t see many people using that bit down the local club to be honest.

Another interesting thing to mention is that whilst Fulcrums make casting spells easier, miscasting  them is much more dangerous as well, as you have to roll on separate miscast table (and then on a normal one after that!) with some very hillarious effects on it 😉   Dwarf players do not worry- Runesmiths count as Wizards whilst on top of Fulcrums and they are also allowed to use special Ancient Runes instead of having access to Cataclysmic spells.

Next thing in the book is Mythical Artefacts- extrmely powerful magical items (quite expensive as well) that you can buy with your extra 25% allowance. Again I think they are ridiculously overpowered and I am sure in local club games we will be skipping that bit alltogether.  Matt Ward, was it you? 🙂

Finally we get to monsters. You can use up to 2 units of them (with big monsters counting as unit each) withing your 25% points allowance, more if you have a Grand Army. Monsters bought in that category cannot be joined or ridden by any characters however lots of them can buy extra upgrades, which are often not available to them in normal army books. We have a massive selection of big and small monsters available for us to choose from. Again fluff wise I think they should have been certain restrictions on who can use what- I really can’t see Wood Elves actually summoning and binding Plague Toads for example and Skaven army with Great Eagles would just look ridiculous. However with a bit of common sense you get nice selection of gribblies, some of them old, some of them new (my personal favourite is a Bonegrinder Giant). Not all of them are great and few I can’t see making appearances too often as they are overpriced for what they do. Others (Fenbeasts!) I can see being used much more.  Of course this is another opportunity for GW to flog people some monsters that they would normally don’t buy for their armies, but hey, why not ? 🙂  For this occasion some really nice plastic sets were made and seeing them in the shop yesterday I have to say they are really impressive for most part.

Last main thing we can do with our 25% allowance is to get a pact with one of the three forces: Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings and Demons. Again whilst certain armies should have no problem entering such pact, can we really see High Elves entering pact with Demons of Chaos? Some fluffy restrictions would be nice, but again witha bit of common sense you should be ok (providing everybody in your gaming envirenment has a common sense- if you keep seeing High Elf player summoning hordes of Khorne then you know not play with that person again 😉 )

There are couple of extra scenarios (they sound fun) and extra rules for mystical terrain as you would expect 😉

I have yet to play it, but I think it can be roughly described as a WHB equivalent of Apocalypse in 40k.

Would I recommend the book? Its really not bad, although certain things that I mentioned were totally ridiculous and ruined otherwise good impression I had of this book. 6.5-7/10 that is my opinion so if you got spare 30 quid you might want to add another pretty book to your collection (or even better, order it from for example Malestrom and get it cheaper 😉 ) . It is definitely a good thing to have in a gaming club and with bit of tweaking and house rules it sounds like it can give you interesting game.



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Three-face, the Verminous Horror from Banebeasts range

Maelstrom Games started their own range of resin miniatures some time ago. Big monsters were a good choice taking in account that GW failed to produce models for most of them. I remember looking at Three-Face when it was released, but back then price was higher and I decided not to buy it.  Since then GW released Skaven Hellpit Abomination and Maelstrom decided to drop their price down to 36 pounds, which is few quid more than GW one and I also decided to run army with two of those nasties. Since GW model can be modified only slightly and Abomination that I sculpted ages ago is just far too small I decided to finally get the Maelstrom alternative as my second Abomination.

Model comes in a nice box and each part is wrapped in lots of bubble wrap- nice!

As you could expect with resin product there is some flash, but nothing too bad (unlike infamous Forgeworld models of the past that you had to literally hack out of big lump of resin). There are some mould lines to get rid of as well but again, no big deal and no part seems to be disfigured because of that.

Sculpt itself is really nice and looks terrifying, as such a monster should be ! Assembly is relatively easy but elements don’t fit 100 % perfectly, so some green stuff filling will be necessary.

As you can see on the picture the models is massive and bigger than GW Abomination. It doesn’t have any base but again something that can be easily solved with plasticard and polyfiller. In general I am really happy with it and I think it was money well spent. If other models from Banebeasts range are of similar quality then they can be definitely recommended as well!



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Mantic Games Orcs review

At the last Salute I decided to buy some undead cavalry from Mantic Games and as a free bonus I received little sprue with 3 Orcs from their latest range which they are just beginning to sell. Despite of what my mate Mike is saying I think Mantic produces quite decent miniatures (some of them actually really nice) for a decent price and they are nice alternative to overpriced GW products. I do share his opinion about Mantic elves and I think company should forget as quickly as possible that they ever produced that range and destroy all moulds 😉 however I was rather pleasantly surprised with orcs.

What do we get then? For 14 quid Mantic is giving us 15 orc warriors that can be assembled in different ways. There are 4 different heads and 3 bodies with a choice of axe/shield or two axes plus two little snotlings on the sprue. . They can all be assembled to look in quite different way but in bigger regiments they might look bit samey-samey.  Their bodies are less bulky that GW equivalent but still big enough to look Orc :). Sculpts have good detail on them, no massive mould lines either so no problem here. My only slight complaint here is that in my opinion their heads are a little bit too small. Apart from the size they look nice, giving them bit of World of Warcraft look.

All in all if you are not a complete GW fanboi and you are looking for much cheaper way to supplement your Orc&Goblin army Mantic is definitely way to go, especially as they have more releases coming soon.


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Review of Ramshackle Games goblin bolt thrower

So we have a new Warhammer Fantasy Battle army book coming up within next few days- Orcs& Goblins. Since GW seems to be going quite mad with their prices (up to a point that even their local fanbois that I know start having second thoughts) why not to look for cheaper alternatives? One of the things I found browsing the internet is Ramshackle games. Stuff on their website looked nice, prices were cheap so I decided to order few things for my 40k Orks (great orky-looking vehicles and bikes  there guys!) and also decided to give it a go with their goblin bolt thrower. Since I am just about to finish building (unfortunately not painting ha ha!) goblin-only WHB army I need lots of those machines. They are cheap and every effective for their points. Problem is that GW produces only one model for it and i am not a big fan of having 6 warmachines that look exactly the same on the table.

Price of Ramshackle bolt thrower is 4 pounds so not bad comparing to GW 😉

It scales really well with GW night goblins (as the models are in robes, looking definitely more like NG rather than common gobbos).

Sculpts are ok- nothing breathtaking, but in my opinion decent enough and I am not dissapointed. Bolt thrower itself is pretty simple design, no fancy stuff but again, decent. My only problem is with part on which you put the bolt itself- under it it doesn’t have any detail, just flat area which is bit of an overlooked to me. All in all not too bad though.

Reisin itself is not great- there is a lot of flash, but nothing major, you won’t be needing to carve your model out of block of reisin) , all fairy easy to remove.

All in all I think its pretty nice addition to my gobbo army and I think if painted nice it will look pretty good. For that price you can’t really say no (unless you are of course completely obsessed with highest quality possibly).


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