Ork count-as vengeance weapon battery

So I am going to another small 40k tournament and finally decided to bring my beloved Orks that had been waiting for it for a long time!ย  One of the things I am taking in my army is count-as Vengeance Weapon battery (with a battlecannon of course to add more boom! to my list). I dodn’t like the look of GW one and few weeks ago i have seen our local Ork player with a weapon battery made off abandoned Leman Russ tank. I decided to loot his idea like any good Ork kommanda would and put some bits together to create my own take on it. Used converted hull of chimera that I had off my mate , battlewagon turret with a killkannon, some sandbags, few other bits, covered the base with polyfilla and added Kromlech ork tank commander at the end. Tomorrow I will paint it, in the meantime however you can look at my work in progress ๐Ÿ™‚

DSCI1167 DSCI1166 DSCI1165


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Forgeworld Elspeth von Draken on Carmine Dragon painted!

This is one of the most beautiful models made by Forgeworld in my opinion. Some time ago I got it as a Christmas present from my brother. I was thinking about assembling and using it for some time already, but somehow could never find enough time. Continue reading

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Ramblings of a wargaming general: First 40k tournament in new edition!

Played few games of new , 7th edition and I have to say that they finally managed to get my interest in the game back (that is if you ignore obvious money grabbing scheme such as “unbound” armies). Decided to take part in upcoming tournament and test my skills again. Haven’t played in 40k tournament for ages, so I am quite excited. Continue reading

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Ramblings of a wargaming general -an introduction

I decided to add a new part of my website. As due to time restrictions last few months were very poor when it comes to reviews, but every time and again I want to share some of my gaming wisdom with fellow gamers ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  For this reason I created a completely new category of articles here, Ramblings of a wargaming general, where you can read some of my musings on different subjects such as army lists, tactics, opinions about different gaming systems etc.ย  So welcome and hope you will enjoy your stay ๐Ÿ™‚


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Real Life TM

So it looks like Real Life got in a way and I was unable to write my comprehensive review of new rulebook. Just to say that in general I am quite happy with it and it was definitely an improvement, especially on the graphic front. Instead of my own review, I am presenting you with a link to a video review by my mate from Grot Orderly blog:

definitely recommend his blog as well with battle reports, latest leaks etc: http://grotorderly.blogspot.co.uk/

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new Warhammer 40k is coming

so, new Warhammer 40k rulebook is coming and I am pretty excited about it, as from what I heard it might be a step in a right direction. So, Saturday morning I am going to get my copy and will sit down straight away to read it and then post a review. Watch this space guys!!! Hope that the book will not dissapoint me as well. especially that new Orks are due to be out soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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15mm Cossack Rabble by Wargamer

Some time ago I bought models for By Fire and Sword cossack army made by Wargamer company from Poland. It took me some time to start assembling them, but it finally happened and some time later I finally got around to write this review. Continue reading

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