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Ramblings of a wargaming general: my Orks in wh40k tournament

This Sunday I took part in a small local tournament that was meant as a testing ground for our new comp (link to it: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Brighton_Warlords/index.php?s=46d9b88acf34d9c01a8909b1d56ab5fd& )

This is the list I took:

Warboss: 140 (-3)
power klaw
lucky stikk

Big Mek 92 (-2)
‘eavy armour
Shokk Atakk Gun
1x ammo runt


12x Boyz 129 (-1)
nob with power klaw and bosspole
big shoota
dedicated trukk with battering ram 35

10x gretchin 35 (+1)
10xgretchin 35 (+1)

12x Tankbustaz 186 (-3)
3x bomb squigs

dedicated trukk with battering ram 35

5x meganobz (2x killsaw) 230 (-2)

kustom skorcha

dedicated battlewagon (battering ram, killkannon, big shoota) 150 (-2)

Fast Attack:

5x deffkoptaz (3x buzzsaws) 225 (-1)
3x warbuggies 75 (-1)

Heavy support:

4x mek gunz (2x smasha gun, 2x kannon) 126 (-2)
6 extra crew
4 ammogrunts

2x mek gunz (2x traktor kannon) 72 (-3)
2x extra crew
2x ammo grunt

vengeance weapon battery with battlecannon 85 (-1) COMP 21

I played vs Tyranids, other Ork army and finally vs Imperial Fist. Lost first one due to allowing relic to be moved away, got smashed in a second one due to my mistakes and also atrocious dice rolls and won last one significantly vs Fists.

Let’s have a look how each unit performed.

Warboss- his task was to form a unit together with 5 deffkoptaz, be a flanking force or a quick punch in the enemy line if needed. By game 3 I came to grip with a tactic of using him properly- hug the terrain, hide as much as possible and then emerge to wreak havoc. He did ok as a harassing force vs Tyranids as well, but deffkoptaz could have probably done it themselves. In general this is an interesting, fun unit to use, but you have to be careful with it. No invulnerable saves make him sensitive to power weapons, so be careful how you use him. Lucky stikk helped a lot, but perhaps finking cap could be used as well with some success. Needs more playtesting.

Big mek with shokk atakk gun- it did well. nothing too spectacular, but definitely was a worthy addition to the list.

gretchin- well, those guys were mainly tasked with keeping objectives and with enough threats in my army list, they survived every single battle!

Boyz- they did ok, again nothing spectacular, but pretty reliable counterattack unit. Trukk helped their mobility and staying alive as well.

Meganobz- those guys did well as predicted, they will be definitely a staple of my lists!

Tankbustaz- gotta love those guys. Fragile, but they do pack a punch and trukk makes sure they get to the point they need to be. Just have to be careful with them.

Deffkoptaz- good enough, but need more playtesting to see if 3 buzzsaws are actually worth taking or not.

Warbuggies- cheap, reliable, outflanked every single time with them, grabbed objectives for me and killed some stuff- what more do you need?

Mek gunz- smasha gunz and kannons were great, even managed to damage a landraider with them by rolling high on S for smasha guns. My 2 gun traktor kannon anti-aircraft battery did nothing entire tournament as there were no flyers to go against and they failed to hit almost anything on snap fire.

Vengeance weapon battery was good- it was bit of a pain not to be able to choose targets too much and but it did force people tpo move in a certain way (not to have their more fragile units too close) and it kill plenty of stuff, so definitely worth taking in that kind of shooty list where it helps other shooty stuff.

Mob rule didn’t affect me too much in that tournament, so can’t really say much about it. All in all orks play great, good fun and I am definitely going to play them more from now on!



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Ork count-as vengeance weapon battery

So I am going to another small 40k tournament and finally decided to bring my beloved Orks that had been waiting for it for a long time!  One of the things I am taking in my army is count-as Vengeance Weapon battery (with a battlecannon of course to add more boom! to my list). I dodn’t like the look of GW one and few weeks ago i have seen our local Ork player with a weapon battery made off abandoned Leman Russ tank. I decided to loot his idea like any good Ork kommanda would and put some bits together to create my own take on it. Used converted hull of chimera that I had off my mate , battlewagon turret with a killkannon, some sandbags, few other bits, covered the base with polyfilla and added Kromlech ork tank commander at the end. Tomorrow I will paint it, in the meantime however you can look at my work in progress 🙂

DSCI1167 DSCI1166 DSCI1165

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new Warhammer 40k is coming

so, new Warhammer 40k rulebook is coming and I am pretty excited about it, as from what I heard it might be a step in a right direction. So, Saturday morning I am going to get my copy and will sit down straight away to read it and then post a review. Watch this space guys!!! Hope that the book will not dissapoint me as well. especially that new Orks are due to be out soon 🙂

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