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Ork count-as vengeance weapon battery

So I am going to another small 40k tournament and finally decided to bring my beloved Orks that had been waiting for it for a long time!  One of the things I am taking in my army is count-as Vengeance Weapon battery (with a battlecannon of course to add more boom! to my list). I dodn’t like the look of GW one and few weeks ago i have seen our local Ork player with a weapon battery made off abandoned Leman Russ tank. I decided to loot his idea like any good Ork kommanda would and put some bits together to create my own take on it. Used converted hull of chimera that I had off my mate , battlewagon turret with a killkannon, some sandbags, few other bits, covered the base with polyfilla and added Kromlech ork tank commander at the end. Tomorrow I will paint it, in the meantime however you can look at my work in progress 🙂

DSCI1167 DSCI1166 DSCI1165


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Skull cannon conversion- finished!

I am one of those people, that really want to use skull cannon in their demon armies (both for WFB and for 40k) but absolutely hate the ridiculous “Moped of Death” model made by GW. Nothing else left to do but make your own then! 🙂

I used gorebeast form the chariot kit, ogre tyrant, warpsword from soulgrinder kit (I shortened it a bit so it won’t look too ridiculous) and spike frame from chaos vehicle sprue plus some plastic chains that i am not even sure where they came from. I am quite happy with the final result. Painting will be slightly improved, but for now it was just done to a decent standard for the tournament I played last weekend. What do you guys think?

DSCI1207 DSCI1206 DSCI1205

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