The Barbarian Market- wargaming goods for sale

I am not really listing my stuff for sale here anymore as it changes so quickly that it is hard to keep up.

If you are looking for something specific, please wirte to and i might just have it.

For bargains and special sales check my FB profile:


6 responses to “The Barbarian Market- wargaming goods for sale

  1. Mateusz Mastalerz

    Witam. Chciałbym się dowiedzieć czy masz na sprzedaż Sisters of Sigmar do Mordheim i w jakiej cenie. Pozdrawiam.

  2. Mateusz Mastalerz

    Do you have a sisters of sigmar of mordheim to sell?

  3. Ach, gdzie byles kiedy mialem ich sporo 🙂 Niestety na dany moment zadnych nie mam. Na przyszlosc szybsza metoda kontakty mailowo na

    • Spellscape

      What do you want for
      18 half painted plastic spearmen
      16 archers (primed, assembled, few painted)
      3 chariots- assembled, half-painted but thinly
      And is there any photos

  4. martin

    hey do you got any orks and if you do how much do you want for all of them especialy that pindelia tank

  5. Chris

    Hi mate,
    I have all 3 of the Warmaster Ancient books which includes the medieval one. Would you be trading for all 3 for some of your 40k kit?

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