Blood Bowl – Death Zone Season Two

Since GW released Blood Bowl I am really into this game. It’s weird, but I never really found it appealing enough to try it before, but that release swayed me, I bought a box set and i never looked back, with PS4 version also regularly played in my home.

I was very impressed with the quality of the previous books, both visual and content wise , so I was awaiting Season Two very eagerly. Today I went to my local gaming shop, Dice Saloon in Brighton (if you haven’t been before, definitely check them out!) and brought back a brand new copy of Season Two!

What do we have there? 82 pages long, book doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the quality. It’s well put together, with plenty of nice graphics and illustrations. It’s filled with funny stories and  bob and Jim discussing all BloodBowl stuff throughout the pages just like in previous publications. Content wise we start with 12 new Star Players. Those that play computer/console version know some of them, but it’s always great to read their background, their career timeline etc.

Next part is new optional rules. We have “Settling Down for a While” part which deals with ways of including Star Players in your team for a longer period (didn’t really read it properly yet apart from the fact that you have to pay a player certain fee for each game they stay). Next we have Sponsorship Deals- great set of rules about getting sponsors for your team in order to have more funds and bonuses available. It is however strictly strings-attached type of experience, with major sponsors being definitely a double edged sword. Interesting and I am looking forward to having those rules included in our next local League (if the commissioner agrees). After that we have rules about Stadiums. I personally love the idea of rolling to see if perhaps you are playing in more unusual type of ground, both in respect of the pitch and for a possibility of having fans that don’t behave in a “normal” (for Bloodbowl) way. Great addition although of course I can imagine that some people might not like random effects. Since they do affect entire game, and are not just one offs, I think they are a great addition to the match. Last one is bit about famous referees. Again, if you choose to give it a go, you can roll on a table and see if your match is attended by one of the famous characters. some of them are more strict on fouling, some of them quite the opposite and can add some flavour to your games. They definitely can be an interesting addition as well and I am eager to playtest their influence on the game.

For non-optional rules, you have new pre-game inducement of 6 different (in)famous coaching staff, each giving you certain benefits, with some available only to certain teams and some to all of them. You got a fireball casting wizard, a Norse cheerleader that can also play if you don’t have enough players, goblin personal assistant helping with the bribes and benefiting any coach that want to argue with the referee, Chaos Shaman giving blessings of the Dark Gods to players, Elven Cheerleading coach granting you extra motivation and possibly re-rolls and finally a mad Skaven engineer experimenting on injured players and bringing them back to the game. Sounds really proper fun.

Next part of the book is new teams: Goblins, Chaos Renegades and Underworld Denizens. Renegades and Denizens seem to be exactly the same as NAF rules have them, but goblins are slightly changed. Main thing i noticed is that they have additional players: ‘Olligan (that is a normal Goblin with a Disturbing Presence and a new skill called Fan Favourite adding FAME to your team) and a Doom Diver , who is essentially a specialist at being thrown by the troll as it has more control over where it is landing, rather than scattering as normal. Some of the costs of players seem to be slightly changed, but I don’t have the old ones at hand so can’t check exactly.

Then we have updated list of skills (where I didn’t notice any changes apart from having all the new stuff added, but I might have missed something) and finally 6 famous teams that you can play, with their own special rules to accompany them.

All in all this is a fantastic supplement and well worth spending 20 quid (or whatever it is after a discount in your local shop 😉


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