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(Warhammer) 9th Age and my initial thoughts

Warhammer Fantasy Battle was one of my favourite systems in the wargaming world and i was an avid player and a tournament organiser locally in Brighton, sometimes venturing slightly further to play. I loved 8th edition (for all its shortcomings) and I was extremely annoyed with GW for nuking my favourite system and replacing it with Age of Sigmarines. don’t want to dwell too much on my opinion about the new system, suffice to say it is very low and I don’t intend to play it. There was not a single game of AoS down my club since the “apocalypse” as well. Continue reading


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Nice and simple kitbashed Slaanesh herald

I started toying with yet another demonic MSU list and decided I need a second herald of Slaanesh on steed. Since I didn’t just want to use a demonette and call her “herald” and already using so called “boobworm” with a rider as one herald, after quick look in my bits box, I decided to use steed of slaanesh with rider but with extra bits from witch elves kit. Result is very satisfying!


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Goblin Knight model review

Some time ago Juan from Spain, same guy that sculpted Growler Creatures (that I reviewed earlier and use as my mangler squigs for Warhammer Fantasy) put pictures of his new goblin models on Da Warpath forum. Now I always had a weak spot for goblins and fancied another cave squig boss in my army, so looking at pictures of a Goblin Knight I decided I need to have that model. Since I have far too many goblin characters on foot already, I didn’t get ones that Juan sculpted, but they definitely look nice as well.

I paid 20 euro for the knight posted to UK by a signed for letter, so quite comparable to 15 quid you would have to pay for GW boss on cave squig made in Failcast (for 10 euro more however you get all 4 heroes). Package arrived swift and this time packed really well 🙂

Model itself is made in resin. It assembles really well, there is almost no mold lines and no flash to clear off. As for the model itself I simply love it. It looks much better than it did on pictures posted on the forum. I definitely like the armour. There are few alternative heads in the pack cast in metal, so you can use them later to personalise your other goblin models and there is a choice of two weapons for your knight- either cavalry lance or a sword.  All parts are cast really well, detail was crisp and there were no air bubbles, so all good here as well. Assembly was easy, everything fits well, although little bit of green stuff might be needed to smooth over small gaps, but this is quite often the case with all multi-part models on the market.

All in all it was definitely money well spent and Goblin Knight will be appearing in my green army sooner or later !

If you want to order that model, write to : juan.abella(at)gmail.com

Looking forward to seeing more goblin madness from that man 🙂

DSCI1135 DSCI1136 DSCI1137 DSCI1139

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